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> Browse By Price > Under 10 > E-Candy Shisha Sticks

E-Candy Shisha Sticks

E-Candy Shisha SticksE-Candy Shisha Sticks
  • E-Candy Shisha Sticks
  • E-Candy Shisha Sticks
  • E-Candy Shisha Sticks
  • E-Candy Shisha Sticks
  • E-Candy Shisha Sticks
  • E-Candy Shisha Sticks
  • E-Candy Shisha Sticks
  • E-Candy Shisha Sticks
  • Price: £2.99
  • (RRP: £9.99)
  • More...


Super-trendy nicotine-and-tobacco-free authentic e-cigarettes in six fabulous flavours.

E-Candy Shisha Sticks are stylish flavoured electronic cigarettes with no nicotine, tobacco, tar or other yacky chemicals - perfect for smokers who want to smoke without inhaling the harmful substances found in a regular cigarette.

E-Shisha is the new and hip way to look and feel cool and stay healthy, allowing you to smoke authentically and enjoy a tasty, top-quality electronic ciggy - without the usual health risks.

Savour the genuine smoking sensation with a real smoke-like effect and a selection of mouth-watering shisha flavours (and accompanying scents) to cater to every taste.  There's Blueberry, Apple, Melon, Grape, Cherry and Vanilla to choose from - each with its own colour-scheme (including the colour the tip lights up) - something for every mood and occasion.

Each ECandy Shisha Stick is great to hold, disposable and bursting with amazing fruit flavour.  Just one Shisha Stick will light up your night, and the variety of flavours give you options for every night out.

Simply remove the rubber end cap and smoke just as you would a regular cigarette, inhaling from the filter end.  The coloured Diamond LED Tip will light up to replicate the classic smoker's puff.  You'll taste the fruity goodness, then exhale sweet-smelling smoke as you savour the flavour.

Shisha Sticks look fantastic and are not only better for your health but also easier on your wallet.  Each Shisha Stick will give you up to 500 puffs, the equivalent of around forty cigarettes.

While the traditional smoker remains at the mercy of thousands of harmful toxins, E-Candy Shisha Sticks provide a safer and healthier alternative - one that also makes smoking look cooler and more stylish than ever before.


  • Awesome alternative way to smoke.  Available in 6 delicious fruit flavours
  • No nicotine nor tobacco - none of the nasty chemicals found in 'normal' fags
  • E-Candy Shisha Sticks taste great, smell lovely and look super-stylish
  • Chic design with puff-activated coloured light-up diamond LED tip
  • Equal to approx. 40 traditional ciggies / 500 yummy puffs of smoke
  • Smoking Shisha Sticks has quickly become one of the trendiest and most fashionable new nightlife activities
  • These hip and healthy e-cigarettes are all the rage in clubs and bars around the world
  • Celebs like Cheryl Cole, Kimberly Walsh, Katherine Heigl & TOWIE stars have been spotted with Shisha Sticks in hand
  • ShishaStick e-ciggy is harmless to people and environment - no danger from second-hand smoke
  • Smoke Shisha Sticks in public places - nightclubs, bars, buses, restaurants, cafes, pubs etc
  • Packaged stylishly and superbly designed - the ideal treat or present
  • An excellent gift for smokers, shisha fans and anyone wanting to look and feel great out and about


Dimensions (L x W x D)

11.6cm x 0.95cm x 0.95cm

Powered by...

Fitted with 3.7v 270mAh Li-ion polymer battery

Care Info

  • Suitable for ages 18 and up - keep out of reach of children
  • E-Candy Shisha Sticks are single-use, 500-puff disposable items that cannot be refilled
  • Not compatible with cartomisers or E-Liquid
  • Shisha Sticks are designed as a recreational product and not as a smoking cessation device
  • Contains water, propylene glycol, glycerol and flavourings
  • Fitted with 3.7v 270mAh Li-ion polymer battery - please dispose of responsibly
  • Made to UK/EU standards - RoHS compliant & CE certified


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